Vinylist Sir Dancealot

Vinylist Sir Dancealot

gjp_logo_klein3Mi, 15. Januar, 20 Uhr
St.Gallen, Bar Stickerei Bar, Oberer Graben 44

The Good looking, powerful & authentically Turntable-Knight, Vinylist Sir Dancealot is often freaking out behind the desk, where he spins the 7- to 12-iches. Real Vinyl only!
And if he is not Playing the rear & hot records/sounds, he sometime’s dances he’s but of in front of the

He was inspired and fascinated by Rap-Music back in the 90’s, he hardly could stop dancing. As he realised that all the good track’s, has bean based on Jazz, Soul, Funk… Sound from back in the day’s, 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s – Sir Dancealot tried to hit Party’s just like that and danced his ass of… or on? How ever…

Earned so many good energy on the dance floor, and curiously about all the samples they used in Hip-Hop Music, he started to collect the originals and finally started Dj-ing around 1997. To return, what the dance floor and the Dj’s given him.

Fascinated since then, Vinylist Sir Dancealot dig’ed deeper and deeper in to the basement of Jazz, Soul and Funk music around the word… Vinyl history!

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